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Create a firm financial foundation for the generations of your family – Asset Protection Secrets Revealed.

These are the asset protection secrets that have created and maintained family wealth for the few for a thousand years… (a very brief history of trusts is in italics – feel free to ignore it and skip the paragraph!) Even George Osborne has advocated the use of trusts – see the video.  This site is not aimed at people trying to dodge perfectly legitimate debts.  It is for people who want to pass on as much as they can to help their children and grandchildren.   Our free asset protection guide tells you how this can be done, with our help.  Use the form to the right, or call us on 01323 406299 and we’ll email you a copy of our brief and to the point booklet straight away.

Back in the days of the Crusades, the knights and others going away for many years had to leave their lands and wives for someone else to look after.  In those days, that meant that legal title passed to the friend.   When (if ) the knight returned, some of the “friends” wouldn’t return the lands to their true owners, so the returning knight had to petition the King (through the Lord Chancellor) for justice.   This resulted in the development of “trusts” created by the knight (the “donor”) and managed by the “trustees” – the friends – on behalf of the donor.

Since then, the wealthy have used trusts to preserve and harness wealth down the generations.   Now you have the chance to do the same thing – read our free Asset Protection ebooklet, mainly for those approaching or past the age of 60 (or with parents over 60).  Or those with risky careers! And that means anyone in business or anyone giving professional advice, even as an employee or director of a limited company.

BUT – if you are younger – we have a version for you too – just ask.

We’ve now summarised the main asset preservation and creation points so you can read them in our little booklet. A few minutes that could make more difference to your family than anything else you have ever done for them.  The Family Bank© could be a godsend for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and more.

Free Asset Protection Guide – protect your home from (unexpected) creditors.

and look after your children and grandchildren – and maybe even the great great grandchildren.

As professional advisers, we have dealt with thousands of clients, some just like you, so we know how to help, so request your copy below, free and without obligation.

Free Asset Protection Guide covers also  Protective Trusts. 

–  a guide to save your family home, to save money and time on probate and MUCH MORE.

PS – you will also learn how to avoid TENS of THOUSANDS of pounds being plundered from your estate (and not reaching your beneficiaries) – needlessly. Put a stop to this exploitation it in a few minutes!

This is the information on Asset Protection and Inheritance Tax  that the Taxman doesn’t want too many people to hear about, written in a way that will enable you to work through the tips and plan how to save Tax and pass on your wealth to your family or other beneficiaries instead of giving it to the Authorities – and it is easy.

Our guide is written in straightforward plain English.  It is a practical guide on asset preservation for the layman.  (And much more: what could be better than setting up a discretionary family trust funds to benefit future generations, just as the wealthy have done for centuries?   The difference is that you no longer need to be wealthy for your family to benefit.)

Around one million grandchildren and great-grandchildren lose vital inheritances which could have paid for University fees, deposit on first home etc etc every single year.  Will your family lose out?  They probably will, if you do nothing.

Who do you want to inherit your home and savings?

If the answer is “my family” or “my favourite charity” – you need to read our booklet.

Secrets you will learn from our free asset protection guide…..

> How to protect your home.

> How to ensure YOU choose who manages your finances if you can’t (leaving it to the Courts is very expensive and their choice may not be yours.)

> When giving it away won’t work (in fact it can be a disaster.)

> How to ensure doctors can ask your opinion – even if you are in a coma
(it’s not magic, just a little known Legal Planning strategy!)

> Why much existing planning will FAIL!

> How to write or amend a Will to save Tax after death.

> Avoid breaking the rules on giving – they are much stricter than you think!

> Help your Executors and save a small fortune.

> How to avoid a costly Tax Investigation of your Estate.

> Learn that real independent, affordable help is available in choosing a good residential care or nursing home – many are NOT good.

> Learn how much Tax remains substantially voluntary, payable by those who haven’t read my book…….

and more Tax Saving and Legal Planning Tips .