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Monthly Archives: June 2012

When I’m Retired I Want To

When I’m Retired I Want To:
When I’m retired I want to look after my parents and grandchildren.  That’ll keep me off the streets!  I suppose I could consider protecting my assets and those of my parents for the long term good of the family (sales pitch over!)

Retired people save […]

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Risk Of Poverty

At risk of poverty rates
The risk of poverty in the UK is staggering, say these official stats published today (June 2012).

Read the press release and reflect on how you can do your part to keep your family as far as possible from the risk of poverty.  Too many families […]

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Long Term Care Reform

Long term care Reform – handle with care.
Long-term care reforms must be built on clarity and sustainability, says Just Retirement.  Government white paper proposals need to set out individual’s own responsibilities.   Reform of the long-term care system must be both clear and sustainable if the looming crisis over escalating […]

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