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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cost of Private Education

Average cost of private education exceeds £200,000
New figures from Wesleyan Assurance Society show the cost of private school education for day students is now in excess of £200,000 for children starting school at five and finishing at 18.

Parents can expect to pay a total of £204,609* for a child […]

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Savings Culture

Saving Culture in the UK is on it’s last legs.
Savings Culture has been killed by the bureaucrats at the Financial Services Authority who seem to be operating in the best European tradition: if it moves, regulate it to death.   And as far as the man in the street is concerned, […]

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Scotland, Wales and the South West suffer major falls in equity, Key Retirement Solutions Pensioners Property Index shows.
Where preserving pensioners property assets is less important than increasing spendable income, equity release comes into its’ own.     It is a choice which many people fail […]

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Saving for Children

Parents saving for children are just not able to do enough, says Stephen Pett of Legacy Trusts.  “Without families sticking together and sound long term planning from relatives – especially grandparents – the future is bleak […]

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Care Fees

Care Fees: Time to deliver Dilnot says former care minister.
Paul Burstow MP has urged the government to defuse the elderly care fees “time bomb” by concentrating the winter fuel payment on the poorest pensioners and using the money saved to pay for a cap on care costs.

In a report […]

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Money Worries

Money Worries Maxing Out Britain’s Stress Levels
One of the main jobs we do at Asset Protection Secrets is to help people protect their children and grandchildren from the money worries this press release considers:

– Money worries are the biggest causes of stress for consumers

– 77 per cent say their money stresses […]

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Financial Advice

Financial Advice Gets More Confusing
The silly billies at the Financial Services Authority, having spent decades building up the concept of Independent Financial Advice have now decided they don’t like it.  Unless clients want to pay by way of fees only.   Trouble is, when you are paying fees to an IFA, […]

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Cost of Raising Children

The Real Cost of Raising Children is Debt.
If you are a grandparent, you will have been through this and hopefully come out the other side, so maybe now is the time to contact us so we can help you to preserve your grandchildren and great grandchildren from the pressures of […]

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