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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Delivering Dilnot

Delivering Dilnot:

paying for elderly care

Delivering Dilnot: paying for elderly care

Edited by Paul Burstow

Delivering Dilnot Contributors:

Former Care Services Minister Rt Hon Paul Burstow MP, chair of
the Royal Commission on Long Term Care for Older People Lord
Stewart Sutherland, carer and writer Ming Ho and Dr Yvonne Braun,
assistant director at the Association of British Insurers […]

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Protect Assets from Creditors

Protect Assets from creditors – will a Trust help?
Trusts can be useful to protect assets from creditors. However, the Bankruptcy Act does give the Courts substantial scope to go back and undo any arrangement which the Judge decides was make with the deliberate intention of depriving creditors of their […]

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Reconsidering Long-Term Care

An Uncertain Age:  Reconsidering Long-Term Care (KPMG)
Long term care is a crucial issue throughout the world, and the KPMG International report tries to provoke and inform the  worldwide debate about long-term care.  Nearly 50 expert thought leaders, professionals and practitioners have contributed  ideas and thoughts to build lots of ground […]

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