Asset Protection Timing – Too Late at 65

This comment on the National Statistics Data confirms that asset protection timing is critical.  Leaving your home etc exposed until you are 65 could be too late for for more than 4 in ten of the population, so why not email for our free asset protection guide now.

AXA Wealth comments on today’s ONS data

The ONS Health Expectancies data released today shows that men and women in the UK spend more than 80% of their lives in very good or good general health from birth falling to around 57% at age 65, and while men enjoy better health for a greater proportion of their lives than women, the gap continues to narrow.

Andy Zanelli, AXA Wealth’s head of retirement planning, considers the findings: 

“The data released today by the ONS on health expectancies in the UK is encouraging, highlighting that the majority of men and women in the UK will enjoy very good or good general health throughout their lives. These results, coupled with rising longevity, highlight that for many, retirement is likely to be longer than ever before. Planning ahead and taking control of the financial future as early as possible is therefore vital to meet the ambitions of older age.

“Seeking independent professional advice can help individuals better meet the demands of retirement and potentially bring new solutions to the fore which may help to allay concerns. This will also encourage exploration of alternative options which could not only improve retirement income but also offer tailored propositions matching individual requirements. Income options such as scheme pension, enhanced or variable annuity could be better for the longer term and aid in retirees’ money management. If we are to spend longer in retirement it is essential that we finance it appropriately so that we can sit back and enjoy it.”

Asset Protection timing.