Care Fee Funding by Local Authorities Drops Dramatically.

Care Fees Funding has dropped by over 11% in a time of increasing need and costs according to a BBC report:

“The number of elderly people in England getting council-funded care has fallen by 11% in the last two years, figures obtained by Labour suggest.

Freedom of Information responses from 121 councils showed they provided free care to 59,056 over 65s in 2011-12, down from 66,342 in 2009-10.”

Other reports on care fee funding from the BBC indicate that families are risking prison sentences for fraud in an attempt to avoid Community Care Tax. Why they should resort to criminal activity when there are usually perfectly legal ways of funding care fees in a more effective way for both the client and the eventual beneficiaries.  Fraud is dangerous and corrosive as the BBC report indicates.  Any family member unhappy with being implicated in criminal activity can have awful effects on their conscience.

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CARE FEE FUNDING – Why risk Prison?