Early Stage Alzheimers – Time For ACTION.

Many of us (me included!) fear a diagnosis of early stage Alzheimers.  In most cases it is just that we are getting older.  Perhaps the neural pathways are getting a bit confused (well, that is my theory as the doctor just says my life is too hectic!)

The first reaction to even a suspicion of early onset Alzheimers disease should be to ensure that our legal planning is up to date and appropriate.  That means:

  1. An up to date Will.
  2. Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  3. Asset Protection – because it may not be effective after a diagnosis of early stage Alzheimers.

Hopefully it won’t be an issue, but around half of us will benefit from Asset Protection – well, our families or other beneficiaries will.  Early stage or onset Alzheimers is far from the only thing which can cost your family pretty much all of you hard earned wealth.  Accidents, law suits, care fees, divorce, bankruptcy, creditors, legal claims by so called dependants and many more.  Early legal action is always prudent whether you are 21 or or 101.  And it isn’t uncommon for widows/ widowers to remarry, then die and all their assets then go to the “new” family.

Here are some site which may be of benefit if you are concerned about early stage Alzheimers, and a couple of video discussing research on Alzheimers and precautions you can take.  Our booklet, Asset protection Secrets gives a brief overview of UK legal planning.  We strongly recommend that you download a copy.

  • Blood test for Alzheimer’s disease in early stages on the Alzheimers Society Website – certainly one of the most helpful.
  • Alzheimers disease stages HelpGuide.org is a US site but none the less helpful for that.
  • This article is about Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. It presents information for patients, family members, and other caregivers. It talks about the effects Alzheimer’s disease can have on you, your family members, and your friends. This article describes the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not about treating Alzheimer’s disease, nor should it be construed as medical advice. Consult your doctor or other medical professional immediately if you suspect that you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • This is another US video talking about the benefits of excercise in early stage Alzheimers (oh dear!)

  • Dementia Research

Early stage Alzheimers disease.