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Contact us to discuss asset protection, property trusts and other trusts.  The booklet is only available free by email – though you are welcome to ring  01323 741203 and ask for the booklet – if it’s out of hours, just ask for the leaflet and leave your email address.

Not convinced you should talk to us yet?   Then see this.   We think every family deserves the protection available from Trusts, and you don’t have to be well off to afford them these days.   If you have total assets of over £100,000 (or own a home even if it is worth less than that) then you should at least read our booklet.  CLICK to request your Free Copy.

“Thanks Stephen, the information and our chat earlier is of great use in helping me understand this complex area better

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Property Trust

Property Trust

 Asset Protection Secrets, the booklet, is just a brief introduction to asset protection and trusts and how they can  benefit the generations of your family.   To give more  specific advice we need to proper  chat to you on the phone,  when you are ready.  We do ask for your phone number to  check that the enquiry is genuine  – we get rather a lot from  lawyers (;>) !- and in case your email is miss-typed (one in  5 are!)  We will follow up, to see if  Asset Protection Secrets  is appropriate or perhaps the issues need more discussion.  We promise not to hassle you,  and we do take no for an  answer!

Just think how different your life could have been if your grandparents had all secured their assets with asset  protection trust. And then think how you can help your children and grandchildren.

Please do not send enquiries without a genuine phone number where we can contact you. We will call before sending out the booklet, to check that The Family Bank© is relevant and obtain your undertaking that you are not trying to take our secrets for a competitive business or potential creditor.  We hope you will understand.

CLICK to request your Free Copy of Asset Protection Secrets  – it helps if you provide a very brief description of your circumstances. A phone number is required for a quick chat, but we promise not to hassle you but too many enquiries are from competitors and people who have left planning too late.

If you are Scottish, please tell us as you will need to be treated differently!

01323 741203 – speak to Stephen Pett or Peter Wallace.

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 Asset Protection.