Asset Protection Secrets Revealed.

Would you like to secure the future for your family through setting up a Family Bank®? The Family Bank®  Trust can help your assets benefit future generations rather than be lost.  Other solutions may protect some assets.  Ours protects and underpins your families future.

Asset Protection  Once you have finished with your assets then future generations can use them literally as The Family Bank®  , so you may be helping with University fees for your great great grandchildren or helping their parents with an interest free loan to repay a mortgage before they downsize for retirement.  They may repay it when they downsize, or when they die.   They might even decide to open their own branch of The Family Bank®  Trust to boost the available funds to future generations even more.

Just as wealthy families have done for 1,000 years.   Just imagine the impact after a couple of generations.

Does that sound like something your family could benefit from?

Asset Protection Secrets is an aid to cutting estate taxes of all sorts, primarily for those over 60 (or with parents over 60).  You will discover that Asset Protection for most folk is far more important than Inheritance Tax in estate planning (though we can help with that too.)  Many people rely too much on Will trusts when Lifetime Trusts would be more cost effective.  If there are no assets left when you die, the protection in your Last Will pointless.  We want to try to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that your assets are the foundation of your families future.  And that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit.

What is a trust?                                                               Order your copy

A trust is simply a wrapper in which your house or other assets is put so that you retain control but (technically) no longer own the trust assets.  The Family Bank®  Trust can be used as Inheritance Tax Trusts, for asset protection, to protect vulnerable or spendthrift beneficiaries or to stop unreliable sons or daughters in law (same can apply to grand or great grand childrens’ spouses) taking half of the family inheritance in a divorce.  Estate tax or IHT saving is rarely the only concern.

Typically, putting the house in trust is the main aim of family trusts:  family trusts are often discretionary trusts, which means the trustees are given some flexibility about who in the bloodline to help.  They can skip a generation to save IHT and perhaps help out struggling grandchildren or great grandchildren, guided by your initial family trust Memorandum of Wish.

We have now summarised the main asset protection points so you can read them in 10 minutes or so.  Just a few minutes that could make more difference to your family than anything else you have ever done for them.

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