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Would you wish your family to benefit from the hard work you have put in?

Of course you would – maybe the children are not in need, but the grandchildren and great grandchildren certainly will be at some time in their lives – probably many times.  A discretionary family trust is a flexible approach to gifts of assets as part of your basic estate planning.

The good news is that nine out of ten people reading this could help to look after future generations of their family through setting up a Family Bank®.

The Family Bank

The Family Bank Trust

The Family Bank® can help your assets benefit future generations rather than be lost or squandered.  Once you have  finished with your assets, then future generations can use them, quite literally, like a Family Bank.

You may be helping with University fees for your great great grandchildren or helping their parents with an interest free  loan to repay a mortgage before they downsize for retirement.  They may repay it when they downsize, or when they die.  They might even decide to open their own branch of The Family Bank® to boost the available funds.  Just as wealthy families have done for 1,000 years.   Just imagine the impact after a couple of generations.

Does The Family Bank sound like a good idea for your family?

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Asset Protection Secrets is an aid to cutting estate taxes of all sorts, primarily for those over 60 (or with parents over 60).  You will discover that Asset Protection for most folk is far more important than Inheritance Tax in estate planning (though we can help with that too.)  Many people rely too much on Will trusts when Lifetime Trusts would be more cost effective.  If there are no assets left when you die, the theoretical protection offered by your Last Will is pointless.  We want to try to make sure that doesn’t happen, and that your assets are the foundation of your families future.  And that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit.

We do ask for a phone number, not to hassle you, but for 3 reasons: in case the email bounces, to check your enquiry is genuine and relevant – and to follow up briefly to see if one of our other trusts might be more appropriate.  We will take no for an answer – no salesmen here!  You are entirely free to go elsewhere and pay twice as much, or half as much to people who think this business is simple!   We do not employ salespeople.

To order your copy, click HERE. Please remember that we do not email booklets without a genuine phone number, so we can have a quick word with you.   Once you get the booklet, and have had a look at it, just email us if you are not interested and we won’t bother you again.   Is that fair?  Printed copies involve a £5 donation to a forest.

What is a trust?

A trust is simply a wrapper in which your house or other assets is put so that you retain control but (technically) no longer own the trust assets.  Asset Trusts can be used as Inheritance Tax Trusts, for asset protection, to protect vulnerable or spendthrift beneficiaries or to help to stop unreliable sons or daughters in law (same can apply to grand or great grand childrens’ spouses) taking half of the family inheritance in a divorce.  Estate tax or Inheritance Tax saving is rarely the only concern.

Typically, putting the house in trust is the main aim of family trusts:  family trusts are often discretionary trusts, which means the trustees are given some flexibility about who in the bloodline to help.  They can skip a generation to save Inheritance Tax and perhaps help out struggling grandchildren or great grandchildren, guided by your initial family trust Memorandum of Wish.

We have now summarised the main asset protection points so you can read them in 10 minutes or so. Ten minutes that could make more difference to your family than anything else you have ever done for them.

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Asset Protection and Protective Discretionary Trusts.

A Free guide to securing your family financially.

If you’re prudent, you will at least consider setting up a special trust fund to protect your home for your benefit and that of your children.  Or, in some cases, a Charity if that is your wish. It has to be said that not everyone can effectively do so:  please do contact us to find out of you qualify.

In most cases, the cost of setting up such a trust will be more than recovered from savings in probate costs and a massive in the ease and speed with which you estate can be sorted out when you pass on.

If you are ambitious, and have significant assets,  you can set up discretionary family trust funds for your children or grandchildren. Save money on probate, save your home going to a new family and MUCH MORE.

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Asset Protection Secrets REVEALED

STOP PRESS – the booklet is FREE at the moment!

Stephen Pett & the team

PS – you will also learn how to avoid £10s of THOUSANDS of pounds being plundered from your estate (and not reaching your beneficiaries) – needlessly. Put a stop to this exploitation it in a few minutes!

This is the information on Asset Protection the Taxman doesn’t want too many people to hear about, written in a way that will enable you to work through the tips and plan how to pass on your wealth to your family or other beneficiaries instead of giving it to the government – and it is easy.

This is not a textbook for technical experts, it is a practical guide to Family Banks for the layman.  (And much more: what could be better than setting up family trust funds to benefit future generations?)

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What on earth is CRAG?

The Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG) is the rules set out by the government on the means testing of people needing long term care.

It covers everyone – you don’t need to be old to need long term care, just unlucky!  Many people still think such care is free!!!!

If you have trouble sleeping and think the guide might help, it can be downloaded from the Department of Health’s website.

Asset Protection Secrets – protect your home from Long Term Care Fees and other creditors

Members of the  public request your copy below, free.  I won’t give away ALL our secrets but we will give you some useful strategies you can easily use and an insight into some of the other issues we deal with every day.  You will be sent the very latest version of the ebook as soon as I get your email.


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Secrets you will learn…..

> How to protect your home.

> How to ensure YOU chose who manages your finances if you can’t (leaving it to the Courts is very expensive and their choice may not be yours.)

> When giving it away won’t work – and could hurt you and yours financially.

> How to ensure doctors can ask you opinion – even if you are in a coma
(it’s not magic, just a little known Legal Planning strategy!)

> Why much existing planning will FAIL!

> How to  write or amend a Will to save Tax after death.

> Avoid breaking the rules on giving – it is much stricter than you think!

> Help your Executors and save a small fortune.

> How to avoid a costly Tax Investigation of your Estate.

> Learn that real independent, affordable help is available in choosing a good residential care or nursing home – many are NOT good.

> Learn how much Tax remains substantiallyVoluntary Tax, payable by those who haven’t read my book…….

… and more Tax Saving and Legal Planning Tips than you have dreamed of… (see below for more…..)

Cut to the chase?  I know I need Asset Protection and Long Term Care Tax Planning  planning advice – order the ebook!

So far, pretty much everyone has died, in
the end ….

Scientists expect this trend to continue, and I am advised that YOU are not going to be the exception, and that the exact date could be any time from now onwards.
In the vast majority of cases, the Grim Reaper does not make an appointment.

It follows that you should decide who you want to get your hard earned assets, just in case your number comes up early!  There are broadly three classes of people:

1) “I don’t care who inherits my assets or children” (apparently the majority belong to this class!)

You may be one of these without realising it! (So order the ebook!)

2) “I am happy to let the Local Council be a major beneficiary”.

You probably belong to this class too! Do you like paying Tax?

Would you really rather give it to the Local Council than your family or favourite charity?

3) “I want to pass my hard earned money on to family, friends or charity and NOT the Local Council.” 

My research indicates almost everyone wants to belong to this category, but not even 1% actually do any serious planning….  (So order the ebook!)

4) “I have arranged my Will and Finances to ensure my family benefit from my hard work” Congratulations!!!
Now all you have to do is keep it up to date might be an inexpensive way of keeping tabs on things.

Now is the moment to decide which class you want to belong to – if it is class 4, order the ebook or if you still need convincing read on:

A testimonial from Ron G Holland, a man who has
probably created almost as many millionaires as Bill Gates!

I have devoted my life to helping people fulfil their potential, and very
often that has been the potential to build wealth through establishing
and growing a thriving business.

Since I met Steve, I have further reflected on the reasons why we all
strive to achieve our true potential.
They are many and varied, but the two most common are:

  • self-fulfilment – we are determined to do the best we possibly can and
  • to benefit our families and others.

Too often I have seen the dream fulfilled, only for the plug to be pulled by the Grim Reaper or one of his non-fatal henchmen, draining away a lifetimes achievement faster than you would believe possible, with families and employees alike suffering and all the hard work in building up wasted.  Businesses routinely make contingency plans or they would fail much sooner.

We should all be doing the same to protect all we have created in our lifetimes.

So I urge you to read an act on the information in this Manual and take advice to underpin and preserve what you have achieved for yourself and your family. Life and death are a matter of chance and chances taken.

Optimise yours for your own sake and that of your family!

Ron G Holland

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More Testimonials

“Useful to both the public and advisers”

John Douglass, Independent Financial Adviser

“very good and very informative.”

Philip Holton, Ashley Law, Cheam

Like most people, too busy earning money to find time to read a booklet? 

(But still like to do your best for your family – that’s why you are working, after all!)

Option 1 – pay us a fee to do all the work for you! (We have a national team of associates.)

Option 2 – DOWNLOAD the booklet and just read it!

Leave your money to your choice of beneficiaries, with the help of my booklet.

We are all going to die at some time and most of us forget that the date is not predictable, so we put off planning. Planning has a surprising feel-good factor, and being well prepared must be positive. Not acting is procrastination, pointless putting off of vital matters, and could cost your heirs dear. It is easy to put things off!

Do I need this book?

Rule of thumb – are you over 18, a native of England or Wales and sane?

YES on all counts – we guarantee you will benefit from studying our brief booklet!

If you don’t own your own home? – you will benefit dramatically, though not all of the Legal Planning Tips will be for you (but you can always tell your parents and their friends!)

I would especially strongly suggest you DOWNLOAD the book if you are, or expect to be, a home owner.

Well over 95% leave it until it is too late

However, if you chose to leave your planning too late, it may even be possible to carry out a tax planning exercise shortly after death.  The book will tell you how, and the exercise could save over £100,000.

Tax  is doing a very effective job of stopping wealth from cascading down the generations.  For families with significant wealth OR lots of children, the Taxman can easily get more from your Estate than each individual child or grandchild.

Is this book full of potentially dangerous tax tips?

NO: we avoid arguable tax planning like the plague and just use tried and trusted techniques which will not arouse the Local Council’s massive investigative skills!  We do not want our clients estates tied up in legal battles.  There is a place for this sort of planning – amongst the super-rich where a few hundred thousand pounds in legal fees is neither here nor there!  Even they should use the booklet first, before more exotic, far more expensive and risky strategies.

Why did I write this book?

Since 1969 I have been studying how to preserve and enhance clients wealth, initially as an Independent Financial Adviser before moving over to the legal side which was far less well served.  I now operate a specialist Consultancy, and work with many Financial Advisers to support their efforts.I write regularly for Financial Advisers, and am currently a Regional Director for the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners.  I also work with other will writing professionals to enhance and develop their practices.

I found it difficult to find a non technical Community Care Tax Planning guide and even more difficult to find it in plain English (I have tried very hard to steer clear of jargon). And finally, I wanted my book to be a step by step practical guide – I hope you will like it.

TIP! Learn how to
save hundreds of pounds a year in Legal and Court Fees

Most people at some time in their lives lose the ability to manage their own finances – a bad accident, an unexpected illness, a minor operation which goes wrong, or they just get so old they can’t cope with the modern world of finance.

If you haven’t the correct Legal Planning in place, in advance, for this eventuality, your husband or wife (or some friend or relative) will be forced to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your Deputy. The Court fee is hundreds, and the Court will supervise everything the Receiver does thereafter.   If the Deputy can’t cope with the Court and other work involved, the cost is likely to increase to £3000 initially and around £250 a month thereafter – but it could be a lot more if the persons affairs are not fairly simple.

The alternative can cost as little as £175 – but you will need to read the booklet…..

Bonus Saving 1

One simple piece of knowledge which helped the Executors of one estate worth around £200,000 save nearly £10,000 in professional fees.  This secret is yours free when you buy download my book…

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Unsurprisingly, Legal Planning is a very specialist area, which may involve coordinating the efforts of a team of experts over many years for the seriously wealthy (who may benefit more from our other book – Inheritance Tax Secrets Revealed).

I have drawn together a band of experts to put together a book to talk you though many of the options available to you, so you can understand the background issues, and probably dismiss many of the options in advance as being inappropriate for you.

Don’t be forced to sell your home
if you husband/ wife dies

Bonus Saving 2  – peace of mindIf you have friends or relatives who are starting to think that they might need to go into a Care Home, there is virtually NO independent advice on managing the process, or choosing the right home (and some of them are really not nice places).We know the right people to talk to – it does cost a little, depending on the level of service you want (they can pretty much manage the whole process if that is needed, or just provide telephone advice) – your choice.Download our ebooklet and we will tell you more and provide contact details.

How can I make sure my partner is safe if something happens to me?

ORDER – the e-Book for just £XX.XX NOTHING– remember, if my book can’t save 100 times that, I will refund your money in full! (link disabled as the booklet is currently available FREE!!!)

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Thanks for your interest,

Stephen Pett

PS If saving enormous amounts of tax is not enough, I have decided to include a special bonus to paying customers only – the draft version of my next project – The Financial & Legal Planning Manual – until it is ready to be launched at its normal price of £19.95.
This offer may be withdrawn at any time.

PPS If you know you should buy this book but can’t afford it (it is quite possible to be asset rich and cash poor), why not ask your children or grandchildren to pay (they will be the ones to benefit, after all!) Even your financial adviser might be persuaded to get it for you! (They can get a discount on bulk orders!)

PPPS The (paid version of the) book comes with well over £100 in money off 

As the book is now free. it is ONLY obtainable by email.

Estate Tax & Planning and Probate savings available. Inheritance Tax Planning benefits can be available where needed (ask). Wills and probate savings too – and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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