Nursing care contributions set for 2012.

Nursing care contributions: NHS contribution towards the cost of a care home with nursing for those assessed as requiring the help of a registered nurse are not rising for 2012/13.

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From 1 April 2012 to 31st March 2013, for relevant care home residents:

  • the standard rate of nursing care contributions stays at £108.70 per week.
  • the higher rate of nursing care contributions stays at £149.60 per week.

When NHS-funded nursing care contributions were introduced in October 2001, the Department of Health agreed to regularly review the nursing care contributions attached to each of the standard and higher rate bands.  Clearly, the word “review” to most people would indicate a willingness to increase them in line with costs, which continue to rise sharply, often as a result of extra burdens imposed by the Government.

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Nursing Care Contributions 2012 – 2013.

The excuse is that the bands remain in line with nurses’ pay, which had not increased in 2011/2.   Of course, everyone but  the Department of Health realises that many other factors increase the cost of care not just nurses pay.   Consequently, the families of those in care will be put under increasing pressure, and one can expect marginal care homes to fail and close.

To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, the person you look after must be assessed as having a “primary health need” and have a complex medical condition and substantial and ongoing care needs.  Not everyone with a disability or long-term condition will be eligible.

Assessment for NHS continuing healthcare should be “person centred”. This means that the person being assessed should be fully involved in the assessment process. They should be kept informed, and have their views about their own needs and support taken into account. As a carer, you should also be consulted where appropriate. It’s a good idea to make it clear that you would like to participate fully in the assessment process.

Nursing Care Contributions