Long Term Care Report

Long Term Care Report

An Uncertain Age:  Reconsidering Long-Term Care (KPMG)

Long term care is a crucial issue throughout the world, and the KPMG International report tries to provoke and inform the  worldwide debate about long-term care.  Nearly 50 expert thought leaders, professionals and practitioners have contributed  ideas and thoughts to build lots of ground for discussion, and hopefully new insights and ultimately action to improve the cost  and actuality of long term care.

 In KPMGs own words on Long Term Care:

Few if any societies have truly faced up to the magnitude of the long term elderly care crisis. If this system fails it will have devastating consequences for elderly individuals, their families, the economy and wider society. Without swift action, such a gloomy outlook is probable rather than possible.

Some of the sections which might provoke you to read and download Long term care:

A growing threat.
Deliver person-centered care.
Look beyond institutional boundaries.
Invest in human and technological resources.
Change attitudes and policies towards aging.
Section 1: The current state of long term care.
The rise and rise of the elderly population.
The narrowing longevity gap.
Pressure on traditional family-based care.
A shifting burden.
The need for long term care.
Models for providing long term care.
Resource challenges.
Workforce shortages.
Section 2: Shaping tomorrow’s long term care systems.
Deliver person-centered care.
Integrate care.
Rethink medical care.
Look beyond institutional boundaries towards the community.
Invest in the formal and informal workforce.
Embrace technology.
Focus on outcomes.
Develop better funding models.
Carry out more research.
Change attitudes to aging.
An agenda for action.
Overview of long term systems for the elderly and their future direction.

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Lee Poh Wah and Mark Britnell (2013). An uncertain age: Reimagining long term care in the 21st century. [London]: KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”) and the Lien Foundation, August