Social Care is expensive.

Social care is a far worse tax than Inheritance tax – and like IHT, it is largely controllable as part of a normal, prudent probate and asset protection plan.  Many firms sell “Social Care Cost Prevention” packages which attract the attention of the authorities (who are just beginning to wake up to the billions of IHT and other taxes legally avoided by the wealthy every year!)

There are many advantages to asset protection strategies, and ring fencing your assets from care fees is just one of them.   In the long run, these strategies should be an investment not a cost. Better still, our strategies do not for the most part prevent you from topping up your care fees to ensure you have decent accommodation, food and care.  Many strategies will backfire by leaving you solely at the tender mercies of cash strapped Local Authorities whose main interest is getting social care at minimum cost not maximum standards.   Wouldn’t it be comforting to be sure that your fees could be topped up if the need arose?

Minimising the cost of Social Care to Your Family.

For details of our packages which cover Social Care issues amongst many others, click the link.  Children and grandchildren need all the help they can get these days with getting on the housing ladder and paying university loans.

To watch a brief BBC video on the subject of Social Care go here.

Just recently, seventy-eight organisations, including the Alzheimer’s Society, have jointly written an open letter to the Prime Minister to raise their concerns about social care in England being chronically under-funded and in crisis. The letter asks David Cameron to push forward with reforms of social care, something Tony Blair started on in 1988 :>).  Personally, I can’t see the slightest chance that social care will be properly funded in my lifetime (61 at the time of writing) – if ever.

The government acknowledges the system needs to be changed, and says cross-party talks are underway. See comment about Tony Blair above!

Social Care – Greater Benefit, Lower Cost to Your Family

It will cost you nothing to look through our booklet on Asset Protection, and working with us to put sound strategies in place could massively improve the quality of your or your parents final years, and leave a legacy for future generations of your family (or favourite charity.)

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Social Care.