Why Use Legacy Trusts?

Legacy Trusts also offer Inheritance Tax advice but these comments are for our general Trust work, though many of them will apply to IHT advice too:

  • All our Trusts are reviewed by a barrister and  a solicitor.
  • No salesmen will appear on your doorstep.
  • No bull.
  • We won’t recommend a trust unless it is likely to be of benefit to your and or your family (most of the benefits are for the next generation.)
  • We don’t charge an ongoing administration fee (many Trust providers will charge you hundreds of pounds a year) but
  • Ongoing service is available when it is needed so there is only a charge when help is needed and many cases that won’t be during your lifetime.  This could save you more than the cost of the trust when compared with other providers who insist on ongoing annual fees. A simple trust of a home that you live in is unlikely to need any professional administration: but the same house let out would mean that advice was needed, but you wouldn’t be tied to us to get it.
  • For couples, we do two mirror Trusts at no extra cost to beef up protection – this means our modest fees offer even better value for couples – and can be less than half as much.
  • We are not out to sell you investments or life insurance.  We might recommend them, but we don’t get involved ourselves – it is a whole different area of expertise.
Legacy Trusts

Stephen Pett

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